2022 AUG 25 Albanese thumbs up Royal Commission All Things Covid & The Pandemic Response

 7 Months On and “No Sign Of That Royal Commission”

Strong Calls for Royal Commission into Pandemic Response and 2022 AUG 25 its being reported PM Anthony Albanese fully supports this RC “All Things Covid & The Pandemic Response”.

The Albanese government has been praised for indicating it could call a royal commission or similar inquiry into Australia's COVID-19 pandemic response as the actions made by state leaders have been dubbed callous and questionable.

 PROMISED 2022 AUG 25

7 Months On and “No Sign Of That Commission” 2023 Mar 29 #Albo is this Yet Another Broken Promise?

 “$275” Promise Broken

ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://youtu.be/7Ff5ngNn1xw

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