Kellie-Jay-Keen (Posie Parker) ATTACKED by Tran-Activists in New Zealand. She's NOT Backing Down

1 year ago

Kellie-Jay-Keen (Posie Parker) was attacked and surrounded by an angry and aggressive mob of radical trans activists, who were determined to shut down her Let Women Speak event in New Zealand.
Why? Because any criticism of the gender identity ideology is forbidden by the intolerant mob.
This event would have allowed women to gather and discuss how the trans movement has affected them and their children, in regard to their right to single-sex spaces.
Despite fearing for her life, she refuses to back down. Brave woman.

Much respect to the strong men and women who protected her.

If interested, check out the ending interview here:

End screen credit: Video by Vimeo-Free-Videos from Pixabay
Music credit: Fight Back (RMND Remix) by NEFFEX


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