There is HOPE at the local level!

10 months ago

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There is a firestorm in Ottawa County, Michigan, where Christian men and women have been elected to seats on their county commission. Ottawa County has over 300,000 residents. These men advanced with diligence, forethought, organization, teamwork, and a heart of service towards God and man. They show that it is possible to influence great change; and this should give you HOPE that even if national and state politics are lost, you can still make a difference at the local level. So far Ottawa County has abolished the DEI (Department of Equity and Inclusion), removed a tyrannical health director, cut back spending in unnecessary areas, and continues to cause no small stir for Christ.

There are many practical ways you can help a magistrate through your time, support, prayers, or finances. All of them are very needed and helpful - we encourage you to reach out to good local magistrates in your area and begin this process.

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