RBH 8 National: Tinfoil Aliens, Chat GPT, Biden Crimes

1 year ago

Lost Coast Populist News Reading Between the Headlines Podcast. Looking at local and national headlines from the past couple weeks. Awake not woke, News for patriots by patriots. The opinions expressed are not facts, make up your own mind.


Holly weird

Whoopi Goldberg loses it over January 6 release, Adidas warns of first loss in three decades, liberal elites build walls and employee armed guards, Whoopi Goldberg apologizes, CNN wins Oscar for best original editing, the Jussie Smollett scandal just got juicier, Jimmy Kimmel ties to Epstein associate, ABC cut Goldberg and Behar pay in half to keep the view afloat.

The fact that Whoopi Goldberg is so hung up on the release of information tied to January 6, 2020, is not surprising, like most leftists any fact that contradicts opinion is viewed as a threat. a threat to the internal monologue, a threat to the collective worldview and apparently a threat to the view itself. It is only fitting that she may suffer from the very cancel culture which she and her posse so frequently revel in, Like so many other actions rife and fertile with hypocrisy and double standards.

Double standards which allow them to demand that we defund the police while at the same time being protected by personal bodyguards and other high dollar security measures including walls around their homes and events. Though CNN winning Oscar for best original editing is merely a spoof, it is rightfully deserved, and they should get a trophy in this category. True masters of selective reporting to maintain the woke inner monologue and worldview for those still capable of the mental gymnastics necessary to fulfill such cognitive dissonance.

Jimmy Kimmel walking into his tinfoil alien Epstein Island trend is a prime example I've woke culture drinking woke Kool-Aid, I guess if you spew lies so abhorrent that they form an imaginary realm in which people dwell on a nightly basis then it stands to reason that you kind of get sucked into your own fantasy world. A world that I believe Jussie Smollett was born in, call him what you will perhaps an interdimensional race grifter? He and Kimmel are prime examples of how this alternate reality is now being rejected, as people will become more practiced and deciphering the B S they no longer have to listen to all of it to smell where these moonbats are coming from.

National financial

Top silicon bank execs sold their stocks weeks before crash, trading was temporarily halted in dozens of banks after shares fell up to 75%, SVB executive was Lehman brother CFO prior to 2008 collapse, Janet Yellen admits government choosing bank bailout winners and losers, yes VB EG hiring, and supplier quotas based on ethnicity race and sex.

I don't think anyone finds it surprising that the SVB executive was also involved in the 2008 crashes, he sounds like just the guy you need when you're going to pull some financial shenanigans. Nor will people find it surprising that top executives sold their stock before the **** hit the fan, or that Yellen at the Federal Reserve was involved in picking winners in this monetary badness.

Anybody who's been paying attention knows that our financial system is coming to some kind of end or significant change, you can't just continue to print monopoly money and expect the entire world 2 treat it as if it has any legitimate value forever more into the future. Especially since it was only commonly used because we had strong arm our way into it being tied to oil sales, the green agenda kind of shoots that ploy in the foot.

The woke agenda shot SVB in the head and not the foot with its ethnic, gender sexual hiring practices. Much like the cumulation of little deaths scene in the Biden administration, the practice of hiring based on boxes checked instead of skill and character can only lead to one place. This place is the arena of ineptitude, embarrassment and undeniable failure. People without a clue trying to lead people who live in an alternate reality, the primary reason why anybody with a head on their shoulders can't really decide whether to laugh or cry at any given instance involving these yahoos.

National tech

The federal reserve's magic trick big tech, Elon Musk exposes Adam Schiff for colluding with Twitter, charging electric cars at public fast charging stations can be tricky, the genie escapes Stanford copies Chat GPT for less than $600, Biden announces plan to pump Bill Gates M RNA into millions of chickens.

Just like people aren't surprised with the Federal Reserve picking which banks went out, people will not be surprised to learn that The Fed chooses big tech companies' success and failure as well. It only makes sense, the machine promotes the ones that go along with the fantasy, that embrace, advertise and enforce the woke narrative. Especially since many of these are likely DARPA projects, of course they will promote what was created in house and those who are willing to play ball. An example scene with Adam Schiff involved in the Twitter collusion.

Weather across the country has been cold and, in many cases, wet which provides several seemingly obvious challenges 2 charging your electric vehicle at a public facility. What might seem utterly convenient with your car parked in your garage nestled up to your Tesla wall might seem a little less ideal when you're plugged in with dangerous high voltage in a rainstorm. Being exposed to the elements not only endangers you to electrical shock risks but also the low temperature makes your batteries performance severely diminished.

And yes, Chat GPT is all the rave these days, I remember hearing someone mention that most content creators rely on it heavily. So why not use it to craft your own content and give yourself exactly what you want to hear, the cheaper knockoffs are claimed to be more dangerous. I wonder how so, do they actually give you dangerous advice, speak with a mean or cruel mannerism? Or are they just capable of being trained to imitate reality instead of the woke ultra verse?

The ultraverse which has been rejected more and more each and every day as people come to their senses, like the people who don't want their 10th booster or are tired of tickling their brain with the PCR test swab that doesn't tell you anything you probably don't know already. It is For these reasons that the work world order is getting desperate, desperate like Brandon trying to sling the idea of pumping The US pull tree supply full of the garbage mrna treatments

National pulse

easily amused huh

Doctor fauci unmasked, expert tells Congress green wind turbines in Atlantic may impair ship radar, Florida pulls another liquor license for allowing kids into an all alcohol fueled drag show, Texas Tech reportedly agrees to 4.1 million payout to basketball coach, association bands Christian School girls basketball team who refused to play with biological males, Defend free speech for Travis Allen and Blake Allen, trans youth healthcare and media what to understand, Pentagon docs claim 7 year olds can consent to puberty blockers.

Yes, I'm sure many of us are eager for when Fauci officially steps down, then at least we won't have to look at him popping Up in the media anymore. Just the same as many fishermen aren't too fond of the whole offshore winds project, which turns out to be a potential national security risk as well with its effect on radar.

The woke gender discussion is in full Argro mode across our nation, complete with multiple layers of misinformation and misinterpretation. Florida yanking another liquor license for an all age drag show at a bar is a stark reminder of this agenda being pushed, much like girls sports teams who don't want to compete with biological males being band by national associations or government agencies insisting that kids as young as seven can make life altering medical decisions with guidance from school staff add no input from their parents. Hopefully this full-fledged B S tsunami serves a dual purpose and wakes those on the fence from their slumber to stand U in unity and just say no.

National infrastructure


United Airlines flight diverted due to incapacitated pilot; government claims 400,000 gallons of radioactive water leaked by Minnesota's nuclear plant.

This is a short segment and I'm sure there's more stories on it than we have listed, just as we covered last time with the multiple train derailments. There is significant impact to the movement of goods and people by these events. Additionally, when toxic material is spilled there is a significant impact on individuals who live nearby.

Being that my family and I will be flying across the country in a couple of months, the story about the pilot losing consciousness in the cockpit takes the forefront in my mind. The woke cult has been exposed for suppressing the very true adverse reactions to the experimental COVID jabs, the Twitter files have laid this wide out into the open. It's bad enough that people who were manipulated into taking these treatments suffer the consequence of this malevolence, the circumstance becomes exponentially worse when the health impacts of one person can lead to the death of hundreds flying in a presumably safe apparatus. This woke conceptualization Has even been reinforced by the FAA, changing the parameters for cardiac health amongst pilots.

National Crime

car alarm

Two Americans dead and two found alive in Mexico kidnapping, left wing activists smashed windows at UC Davis Charlie Kirk event, LAPD arrests former TV correspondent Bruce Hensel, Adam Schiff named as person of interest in VIP fee CP investigation

The moonbat fantasy world loves to deny the crisis at the border, so I'm sure they abhor stories like the tourists being kidnapped and killed by the cartel in Mexico. Much the same as the antifa activists and destroying Property at UC Davis.

Those pushing this fantasy narrative often claim moral superiority for one cause or another yet like these instances with former television personality doctor Bruce Hensel and shifty Adam Schiff it is instead revealed that they are vile and despicable, being involved in the worst kind of abuse, the kind of actions that people never fully recover from which often lead to mental conditions such as gender dysphoria later down the road. Truly sad and unforgivable, these people must be stopped.

National legal

I don't have time to **** around

FBI whistleblower says he was forced to inflate domestic terrorism numbers, heads have to roll House Republicans T's prosecution of January 6 investigators, Rust special prosecutor resigns after Alec Baldwin called for her disqualification, Louisiana man to be chemically castrated after juvenile rape conviction, Biden family investigation United States house committee on oversight and accountability.

It's becoming public knowledge that the FBI and other agencies have played key roles in pinnacle fear events That have been Instrumental 2 perpetuating the deep state narrative. Some of them are involved in a boots on the ground roll that encourages certain actions or behaviors, while others like the whistleblower in this section remain behind the scenes, performing the mental gymnastics of what I could only imagine would be Common Core math to create the desired statistics to back the woke narrative. However, with the slim margin now held in the house the tides have begun to turn, an example being another article in this section with representative Paul Gozar Recently revealing Possible criminal charges to be levied against the stooge January 6th investigative committee.

Unfortunately, the woke mob still has power at various levels, something apparent in the Alec Baldwin rust shooting case. Something that goes unpunished, just as the unprovoked Ashley babbitt shooting during the January 6th event.

The Louisiana man found guilty of sex crimes with a 13-year-old is set to be released back into the general public after being chemically castrated, with a procedure that is supposed to greatly reduce a person's sex drive and make them more amenable to therapy. Being this fence went on for over a year is this really justice, is this chemical castration similar to the hormone therapy being pushed unconfused kids these days?

Another part of the tide turning due to the house majority can be seen in James's combers investigative committee looking into the Biden family crime syndicate, something that was never even acknowledged as real or existing in any way or form under previous house leadership. Something that has been plainly obvious to those of us not consuming the woke Kool-Aid, Facts being revealed that our so-called commander in chief is a little more than a pretender and thief. Pretending to have the countries best interest in mind, while simultaneously Pulling the wires from our walls and selling it as scrap Internationally for personal gain.

Teflon Don

I never heard that one before

Donald Trump victory was built on a unique coalition of white voters, trump revealed highly classified intelligence to Russia, trump engaged in suspect tax schemes as he reaped riches, trump campaign sues New York Times for libel over Russia article, be there be wild trump all but circled the date, trump sought to conceal plans to March on capitol, Michael Cohen's long ARc allied to chief antagonist, Soros backed group helped elect da allegedly planning trump arrest, fake trump supporters at Manhattan protest exposes antifa and Hollywood activists, Musk says if trump is arrested he'll be reelected in a landslide, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg says trump created a false expectation about being arrested.

This section was just a glimpse back add media coverage on trump since 2016, a reminder of how the narrative has been framed. A reminder that accusation after accusation has been put forth, and nothing has stuck to the orange man. Once again this is not news to anybody not buying what the corporate media has been selling, the deep state media Bs has a certain stench to it, many of us had already picked up the scent with the years of manipulated coverage on the staged war on terrorism.

I've heard it said that all these accusations put through the legal system against trump will eventually backfire on the globalist idiots pushing this nonsense, with each fraudulent legal attack a new precedent is established that can be used against these morons when the time is right. As zero-hour approaches and we all sweat bullets, the right time looms seemingly closer every day. Together we must forge the public court of opinion in opposition to these psychopaths and their globalist agenda.

National politics


Eric Swalwell wants to ban Fox News for U.S. troops, Fetterman sponsors another bill from hospital, Homeland Security reorganizes appearing to scrap the disinformation committee, Ron DeSantis criticizes trump in interview with Piers Morgan, Biden HHS official Rachel Levin vows to normalize sex change surgery for kids, Rachel Levin also states that ** *** is glad they had kids before transitioning, governor Hochul files appeal in quarantine camp lawsuit, Biden asks for massive 886 billion military budget for 2024 to confront China, Biden declares war on 2nd amendment signs get executive order, bungling Biden pushes China into Russia's arms CNN's Burnett says new Biden family payment evidence doesn't look good, watch 15 year old video of Biden dug up he actually thought he could get away with it.

So yeah, there is a lot going on in this segment. Eric Swalwell wants to ban Fox News for U.S. troops, though fox isn't perfect, it's a lot closer to being legitimate then many left-wing organizations. And Fetterman where has that guy been, they just released a picture of my saw floating around Twitter and he looks like a completely different dude. Apparently when you go in to see a head Dr. you get a new head these days. While Homeland Security looks to scrap the ill-fated diffs information governance board, I guess Swalwell feels compelled two sensor information available to our troops, a move reeking of desperation as more and more people pull their heads out of the ground or more aptly out of the TV.

Ron DeSantis did take a dig at trump by stating what everybody already knew that the case was about an alleged affair with the **** star, I have heard someone question why Ronnie did this? He is more or less running a state on the Maga platform, if he were really running for president, one might think he would want the support of the Maga base? He did shine a spotlight on the fact that the DA pursuing trump was put in place by Soros funding, personally I think the minor jab at trump was added to the statement to fuel the media spreading the message that included the Soros funding of the da.

Rachel Levin is another shining example of checking a check box in the hiring form, truly devoid of any qualification for her or his position. A sentiment echoed by far-left author and professor Camille Paglio who thinks indulging children in transgenderism is a form of child abuse.

Brandon is just on A roll here though, trying to pick a fight with China while still in a proxy war with Russia all while his family's money ties with Ukraine and China are being exposed. When CNN says the Biden family crime case isn't looking good for them, then you know the ship's about to hit the fan. As all these clown shows media groups attempt to save face and realign with reality, many if not hopefully all will fail as viewers look elsewhere for truth and integrity.

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