V Bar V/Newspaper Rock Petroglyph Run

1 year ago

Starting out locally at V Bar V Ranch for years members of the crew have been going out exploring the region and surrounding states to discover the truth about these mysterious places. Germany sent "SPIES" to Utah who made it into Arizona before the war who wanted to see our petroglyphs for some strange reason.

Venomous Motorcycles had a custom Harley painter who also painted within a frame on the side who actually did a fantastic job. The late Jeff Nobles got down and loved to talk about how bikers used to take their gals out on their motorcycles in the desert to see the petroglyphs for many years. These memories are captured in his painting stored at the Venomos Motorcycles showroom in Cottonwood.

Content is from all over from a variety of sources showing the trail of the giants, portals, and so much more from Kokopelli to the legendary cross of Christos. Get ready to travel down the path!


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