RBH #8 Local: Winter Storms, Smugglers Drown, Parental Consent

1 year ago

Reading Between the Headlines #8 Local


Local Weather

Avalanche closes highway 36, Marin flooding, sheriff Honsil declares local emergency due to winter storms, you'll never expect it to pass flood stage, Newsom's climate budget would slash funds to protect coast, SFO flight delays due to wind event, an astronomer offers explanation for shower of stars, transient deaths increase in winter 2023 as Eureka looks for emergency shelter, earthquake 4.67 West southwest of Ferndale.

From the snow to the atmospheric river to the extreme winds and the earthquakes California has been through a lot in the last month or so, and it doesn't seem like it's over. Our reservoirs are so full that water is being released for safety, levees in the valley our bursting causing farmers to drive perfectly good trucks filled with mud into the gaps to stop the flow. As for homeless people finding shelter in the cold, the only thing I've heard about is some churches opening their doors, it does not seem like the city of Eureka, or the county of Humboldt have come up with anything viable yet.

Local infrastructure

A big chunk of waterlogged ground slips out Highway 101, pg&e signals that will speed up removing dam which helps divert water from eagle river to the Russian river, 55 hour firm bridge closure, Fernbridge the queen of bridges reopens, state of the roads in northwestern California let's look into slide at the Humboldt medicinal county line, the Queen's looking good Cal-trans inspect Fernbridge afterquake.

It can be said that for every action there is a equal reaction, this line of thought can be used when looking at our local infrastructure and our local weather events. Our roads are showing the impact of extreme weather in places all over California, with constant slides, trees falling and other issues. Listening to the radio, a lot of it has to do with backlogs and bureaucracy, even when the county gets approved for federal funding often, they are not paid for years if ever. It's like a false charity case, the feds dole out the grants to the state to hand out to the counties to actually be paid at the date of who knows when. Leaving the county and the contractors very apprehensive about front ending any of these projects no matter how dire or urgent the situation may be these days.

Local legal

Silicon Valley bank collapse the latest failure on Newsom's watch, Mendoza's cannabis department faces declining revenue, edge approves restraining order for former council member Watson, California teens sues Dr. over breast removal surgery at 13 in Kaiser Permanente's second lawsuit.

It's no surprise that Gavin Newsom once again dropped the ball with the Silicon Valley bank collapse, It turns out that a member on the bank's board was also on the board of a gender equality organization cofounded by the state's first lady Jennifer Siebel Newsom. I think the California teen suing doctors over the shortsighted hasty medical advice to get on hormone blockers and a year later go under the knife is the most substantial story in this segment. The fact that these treatments were offered to a young teenager with only minute long consultations, which is a total disgrace. How backwards is the world where doctors can pull crap like this yet risk losing their license for saying anything that contradicts the Current narrative.

Local crime

eight dead after a smuggling boats capsized off San Diego coast, big rig slams into Gasquts market, driver drove into mikes drive up, Sao's Myrtle wood is closed for now after a car rammed into it, CCPD canine helps apprehend assault suspect, dad shoots and kills daughters ex-boyfriend who was chasing her with car and Palmdale, woke CNN reporter robbed in San Francisco while live on air reporting on St. crime, del Norte Sheriff's Office seized 375,000 in a single stop last month.

I think there is a definite friend in some of these stories, what the hell is up with people's driving? Were these people drunk, it doesn't really say so in the stories was it some other kind of health issue they all experienced? Are these vaxcidents? I believe nationally there are at least 2 pilots in the last week who had health issues in the cockpit. Also, the first story makes you wonder why are people going through all the effort of smuggling with the boat when they can walk across the border? Maybe people just get used to it, maybe they are boat enthusiasts who smuggled drugs as a hobby. I think the most significant story in this section though must be the dad who came back to his daughter's apartment to protect her after she was beaten by her ex, only to shoot that scumbag upon his miss thought return to the premises.

Local politics

Weiner vows to stop California bill requiring schools to inform parents about gender transition, Gavin Newsom moved to transform San Quentin as California prison population shrinks, homeless rehabilitation and health care what to know about Newsom's legacy tour, town residents lose patience with stolen election in Shasta County, here's what 48 hours (about 2 days) inside twitterers headquarter looks like.

California school systems are a woke joke, and they are losing students because of it. More and more people like myself and many friends of mine are turning to homeschooling because we don't trust the school system with our children. This breach of trust is spoken out in the open, with state and county officials openly declaring that parents don't have rights to make decisions about their own children, whether it be about vaccines, sex Ed or critical race theory the California educational system has become a battleground. Scott Wiener a Democrat from San Francisco Is doing just that with his vow to stop AB 1314 which mandates that schools inform parents about sexual orientation issues involving their children. This is part of Newsom's legacy, along with trashing our healthcare system with his totalitarian mandates and releasing thousands of violent criminals back into the streets of California.

It's these forms of destructive policy that have many Californians believing that like the rest of the country our election systems are broken, not electing the true choice of the citizenry. Shasta county is a shining example of this having reclaimed the majority and their Board of Supervisors just recently went full tilt and banned dominion voting machines from being used in local elections.

Local pulse of the people

LA Times writer claims that white drivers are polluting the air of local minorities, eco news report solving the climate crisis requires more than just electrifying your pickup come McKinleyville man freed over being held hostage for six years abroad, growing old ungracefully ensoulment and abortion, peace rally for Ukraine Eureka names fresh freeze drive-in as a business of the year local drag queen ultra pain named artist of the year in Eureka, but wait there's more ultra pain is a blood drinking drag queen, Paranormal search a demonic circus descends upon Eureka.

This eco news report holds water for once, they take notice that making everything electric is going to lead to a lot more mining for these rare earth minerals that also leads to more exploitation of the people in mostly third world countries who do this kind of mining and assemble these kinds of electronics. It is good to see that Jeff Woodke survived seven years in Africa and has returned home to McKinleyville. The article about ensoulment being disproven somehow is a bit dubious, they can throw all the visible science at it they want but you can't see the soul so how you know when it first comes into being unless they're just saying that they don't believe that they or their children possess souls.

The peace rally for Ukraine in Arcata is good to see, hopefully more and more of the community get on board with this idea that sending all our money over there might not be helping the people of Ukraine. That it could instead be prolonging their suffering because their war like so many others appear to be a manufactured war. The paranormal demon circus seems to fit right in with the new vision of Eureka by its current leadership, reflected equally in the award 4 best artist going to a drag performer who has been known to guzzle blood at performances.

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