Sit Down with Michelle Leduc Catlin | Day 3 Truro | National Citizens Inquiry

1 year ago

After an intense three days in Truro, sometimes you just want to #SitDown with Michelle Leduc Catlin and listen to what she observed over the course of the hearing!

Take a listen as Michelle summarizes Day 3 of Truro hearings!
Topics covered include:
👉 Dr. Laura Braden's (@FairfieldView) testimony
👉 Dangers to national security with a Military doctor
👉 Personal medical choices and medical ethics
👉 Testimony from @jordanbpeterson
👉 Nova Scotia health authority employees' observation on data and media reporting
👉 The treatment of vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals by medical personnel
👉 Loss of trust in institutional bodies (gov, medicine, media)

This short video nicely summarizes the key points that have been uncovered in the hearing!

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