GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Steve Rocco: How safe are bank accounts? Silver is selling near the cost...

8 months ago

In this March 24th, audio nugget, Steve Rocco, of the Rocco Report, returns with extraordinarily bullish comments on the PMs sector.

1.30 - The derivatives fiasco is unstable...

3.00 - 4 largest domestic banks have $170 TRILLION in derivatives exposure, according to one online source.

4.20 - How safe are bank accounts?

9.00 - PMs miners and exploration shares.

10.00 - Silver is selling near the cost of production.

12.10 - Gold mining shares forecasts.

18.16 - Energy Crisis 2.0 in 2023-2025?

23.50 - "People must be in physical precious metals."

26.00 - Unrest in Europe could spread to the US, making safe havens essential.

29.00 - The supply of investment grade gold and silver is insufficient to satiate potential global demand.

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