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The Mystery of the Sphinx Temple! Evidence for Hidden Chambers, High Tech, and Secret Digs?

The Sphinx Temple has been closed to the public for decades, but within its walls are clues to its mysterious past. Buried for millennia, the temple’s modern excavation and connection to age-old stories of the Sphinx, it’s ‘pedestal,’ and hidden, subterranean chambers have led to a history of secretive expeditions and explorations in recent times. Behind the locked gates is also found compelling evidence for advanced technology, wrought in stone, and indications of mysterious, functional infrastructure possibly leading into unexplored shafts and chambers, in the bedrock below one of the most famous monuments in the world, the Great Sphinx of Giza.

I had the privilege of entering the Sphinx Temple in 2022, and I hope you’ll join me as we investigate the history of this structure, it’s connection to the Sphinx, the evidence for high tech stonework and unexplored subterranean features, and the history of secretive expeditions in and around this area of the Giza Plateau.

Links mentioned in the video:
The Sphinx Revealed: https://youtu.be/_Bm3g5lMYGY
Ancient Engineering of the Giza Plateau: https://youtu.be/lNC_HRxf0XA
Erosion at the Great Sphinx with Randall Carlson: https://youtu.be/gQuL0VYM7c0
Joe Rogan Experience (ep1928): https://open.spotify.com/episode/7x3uLeqyCHIPkaDtoXnV24?si=a5f65b7b1c3a4b73
Flagrant Podcast Episode: https://youtu.be/-iGsurnp6OE
Cosmic Summit Livestream: https://howtube.com/unchartedx
Primordial Tour of Egypt: https://www.khemitology.com/primordial-egypt-tour/

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0:00 Introduction
1:54 Overview, Background
8:51 History and Excavations
17:38 The Pedestal of the Sphinx
22:01 Cornice Blocks
29:29 Connecting the dots
33:23 Public and Private exploration
49:39 Channeled Blocks and Shafts
58:15 Conclusion, Thanks, and upcoming appearances/tours

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