The Mark of the Beast Coming 2 ( Min)

1 year ago

Ec. 4:10-12 quoted of the Bible. You are called to help and three together is strong. I believe the Jew, Christian, and Islamic will come together as allies in Israel, to defend the Holy Land together. Grace is given to us of GOD. Read John 15:8. GOD wants you to be a disciple, and bear fruit, so ask GOD for what you need to do what He wants. Jesus is the sacrifice to remove our sin for all time. I speak about the Queen of the South and what is predicted about her. Let us all share and get smarter. A clean house can become 7 times more filthy than when it was cleaned. We need to get prepared like the stock up of food before a period of famine. Under GOD we can stand against this evil to reign, the Mark of the Beast is coming. Famine is coming so we need to work together to get prepared.

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