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Fear Is Being Used To Control Us

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The Kim Iversen Show LIVE | March 23, 2023

Chokehold 2.0 turns out to be true as crypto remains targeted by big bank and the smaller banks struggle for survival. Kim breaks down the latest banking crisis news.

The train derailment of East Palestine, Ohio is fading from mainstream news while the residents are still needing answers about the contamination to the water and soil of their community. Kim talks to Jenna Gianinnos resident a neighboring community to East Palestine, she lives twelve miles away from the site. Aside from co-founding "United for East Palestine," Jenna is the head of client success for a tech startup, Goalster. You can help the residents of East Palestine and find out more information here: and follow on Twitter:@UnitedforEP

The climate conversation has been politicized to the point of rhetoric discussing climate lockdowns and morphing the issue of Covid -19. Marc Morano has questions about the tyranny part of the agenda around climate that he discusses with Kim. Marc is a publisher of and author of several books including, The Great Reset. You can find Marc’s new book here:

Tara Reade talks about testifying before Congress. @readealexadnra

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