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Rand Paul SCHOOLS Moderna CEO On Vaccine Myocarditis Risk | Tucker's “US Kremlin” Source Revealed

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The Kim Iversen Show LIVE | March 22, 2023

Rand Paul SCHOOLS Moderna CEO on Vaccine Myocarditis Risk

Anya Parampil, Reporter at The Grayzone and author of the upcoming book "Corporate Coup" joins Kim to discuss her explosive reporting about her role in the story of the NSA surveillance of Tucker Carlson as he was trying to make plans to interview the Russian Federation President Putin. Anya discusses the surveillance if US journalists and its dire consequences on free speech. You can follow her on Twitter: @anyaparampil

Patrick Henningsen, independent journalist and geopolitical analyst examines the WWIII build up with NATO announcing its plan to bring 300,000 troops to the Russia/Poland border. Patrick analyses the events and increased rhetoric towards a global conflict. You can find more of Patricks work on TNT radio here:

Maine State Senator Eric Brakey made a passionate anti-war speech that went viral stating he could not support propaganda regarding the war in Ukraine. He went further with introducing legislation that would bring back National Guards troops that are deployed overseas. Eric talks with Kim about why he made his speech and his anti-war views. You can follow Senator Brakey on Twitter here: @SenatorBrakey

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