Interview: Kate Brandt - Hope for the Worst, a novel

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1 year ago

Women's fiction has an author to watch. Kate Brandt is the author of Hope for the Worst. A manipulative Buddhist teacher and heart-break leads a young woman on a journey that will reshape her world and help her find who she is. In this new novel by Kate Brandt, an honest look into the ways we can trick ourselves with our own desires.

Kate Brandt joins us to discuss her book Hope for the Worst, an autobiographical novel that illuminates the twists and turns we take in seeking wisdom and spiritual understanding. Kirkus Reviews has called this book "illuminating," commenting that "keen perception and frank self-awareness..spare, direct writing style and pithy descriptions of people and places vividly portray late 1980s New York City ...[and] draw the reader in." You can now hear Kate Brandt give you an insight to her and her book, then go enjoy Hope for the Worst.

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