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The Venomous "Verde Valley Vortex" Crew go out and personally run down some of the local "Legends of the Verde Valley" and personally put them to the test. Based on a true story using actual footage get ready to dive into the rabbit hole on the edge of the Sedona/Verde Valley region.

On the outskirts of the Sedona/Verde Valley Special Security Forces locate and battle at least one of the undead spirits of the Nephilim. The encounter has left people wondering what took place, as many have gone mad at times and 3 people have passed away including Clifford Mahooty and Sheri Loring, both Verde Valley Vortex crew members.

"Just when you think you know something about the supernatural and the Sedona/Verde Valley, think again."

According to rumor, representing on this level is how one secures their "Wings" and a local "Maze Rider" patch from the legends...

Part 2 is personal.

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