Buying Local Saratoga - Episode 23: Jennifer Rhodes & Drew Cali (Mind Body Soul Expo)

6 months ago

In this episode, our host Mike Nelson interviews Jennifer "Gem" Rhodes - the founder of the Mind Body Soul Expo - and Drew Cali, a psychic-medium and intuitive guide! They discuss the fantastic offerings of the Expo, the trials Drew faced that led him to his practice, and even conduct a brief reading on Mike! You won't want to miss this episode!

NOTE: The opinions reflected in this podcast are not indicative of the views of Saratoga Business Report, LLC, Saratoga TODAY, Glens Falls TODAY, Spa City Digital, or Five Towers Media.

00:21 - Introduction
01:48 - The Mind Body Soul Expo
05:15 - Thousands of Attendees: A Positive Energy
07:01 - Handpan: An Amazing, Unique Instrument!
09:30 - Bringing in Drew
13:12 - Who is Drew Cali?
16:42 - Tragedy Upon Tragedy
19:50 - Growing: Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually
20:30 - A Fated Meeting: The Mind Opens
23:55 - Drew Awakens
26:13 - The Evidential Medium: Training Worldwide
29:11 - Standing in the River of Consciousness
32:09 - Commercial Break: Call Cerrone Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Today!
32:28 - Drew Gives Mike a Reading!
37:12 - A Message for Mike
39:39 - The Process
42:05 - What’s the Connection?
44:19 - The Neon Sign in the Spiritual Shop
46:20 - Commercial Break: Call 1-800-PAINT-JOB Today!
46:31 - MBS Expo, April 8th! Free Admission!
47:50 - Pre-Order Your Event Ticket, Don’t Miss Out!
50:21 - Closing Remarks

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