2 months ago

[INTERVIEW] We'll Win This War With 10% of the World -Dr. Robert Malone

***WATCH THE UPDATED VERSION https://rumble.com/v2dz7xw-interview-well-win-this-war-with-10-of-the-world-dr.-robert-malone.html (this upload is missing audio at the 1:01 mark)***

[INTERVIEW] Now accused of being controlled opposition, Dr. Robert Malone, MD, MS, inventor of mRNA and DNA vaccines, joins Aga Wilson, Swedish journalist (https://twitter.com/AgaWilsonShow), and Glen Jung to discuss his intimate connection with and knowledge of the CIA and other US govt intelligence agencies, 5th generation warfare now driving the worldwide propaganda machine, what to expect in 2023 and how free citizens can win the war against globalists agendas implemented to create a world of indentured servitude.

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