It is more adaptive to be sheep than an individualist (3-19-23)

1 year ago

Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect,
Sam Vaknin talks about how a narcissist experiences holidays: “In the narcissist, holidays provoke a particularly virulent strain of pathological envy. The narcissist is jealous of others for having a family or for being able to celebrate lavishly and being in the right festive mood. The narcissist’s cognitive dissonance crumbles. He keeps telling himself, look at those inferior imitation of humans, how they are wasting their time pretending to be happy yet deep inside the narcissist knows he is the defective one. He realizes that his inability to rejoice is a punishment meted out to him by his self.”

“The narcissist is sad on special occasions and wants to spoil it for those who can enjoy. He wants them to share his misery, to reduce them to his level of emotional absence. The narcissist hates humans because he is unable to be one.”

“Holidays remind the narcissist of a loving supportive family he never had and what could have been and never was, and as he grows older, he knows never will be. He feels deprived, cheated and persecuted. He rails against the injustice of the cold world.”

“Holidays are a conspiracy of the emotional haves vs the emotional have-nots.”

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