President Xi: to Moscow & Deals with Saudis - Westerns Financial Collapse - Fast-changing World

6 months ago

Costas Isichos from Greece and Hendrik Weber from Norway join me in a fascinating discussion on President Xi's trip to Russia this week and the deal he struck between the Saudis and Iran. We also discussed China's inroads into Africa and S. America, not as colonialists but seeking win-win solutions. Russia is also doing the same. China and Russia are focused on the future while the US and EU are focused on the here an now with no plans for the future. Major changes in the world financial systems are rapidly changing while the US experiences a serious financial meltdown and Europe crumbles. Can Europe survive? Hendrik is doubtful, Costas is more hopeful that the people of the world rise up and throw off the chains of imperialism and Capitalism. Russia and China have been promoting the independence and sovereignty of all nations, respecting different political, social and historical differences. It's a world of cooperation and not confrontation.

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