4 days ago

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Bill Murphy: Silver Is Close to the Cost of Production

Bill Murphy of GATA.org rejoins the show - with inflation on the horizon, Bill expects PMs to outperform paper assets.

1.00 - Market manipulation?

1.25 - When silver catches up with gold, look-out above!

4.20 - Selling gold can be deletarious to your account - via The LTCM fiasco.

7.00 - Silver is close to the cost of production.

7.25 - Risk of runaway prices via inflation.

8.40 - When sellers run out of physical supply, the PMs will soar.

9.20 - Most major pension funds, deep pocketed investors, have less than one half of one percent invested in gold, hinting at monumental demand just ahead!

11.00 - The next market advance could unfold much more quickly than most investors expect.

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