Boosting Crypto Adoption: Helping Local Merchants Embrace the Future!

1 year ago

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Join Rafael LaVerde as he interviews Raul, the forward-thinking owner of Cletas Cafe and Bonfil Bikes in Acapulco, Mexico. Discover how Raul's embrace of Bitcoin and Monero has transformed his businesses and attracted a community of crypto enthusiasts. Don't miss this inspiring chat about the future of cryptocurrency adoption, privacy, and the grassroots effort to create a true "Bitcoin Beach." Subscribe for more crypto conversations!

Also, don’t miss my new workshop on the two most important issues of our time, The Answer to A.I. and the Solution to the Crypto Onboarding Problem. I believe that we need to get this information out so strongly that we’re giving it to you for free. So, hit the link below and get ready to dive deep.

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