Exposed: Hollywood Elite's Adrenochrome Rituals Revealed on French TV - Media Blackout

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1 year ago

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A man with close links to the political and entertainment industry elite dropped a series of truth bombs on French TV this week, naming and shaming multiple celebrities for using adrenochrome as part of depraved occult rituals to get high and stay young.

Gérard Fauré is well-known in France due to his previous career as drug dealer to the stars. Because there are few secrets of the elite Fauré does not know about, he's a regular guest on TV shows including Touche Pas à Mon Poste, the highly popular show that invited him on this week to discuss Pierre Palmade, a comedian who was involved in a scandalous car crash involving rent boys, enormous doses of cocaine, pedophilic material, and the death of a pregnant woman's unborn child.

In other words, Palmade was involved in typical occult elite degeneracy.

But the producers of the show got more than they bargained for when Fauré decided to reveal the truth about the degenerate rituals of far more famous names than just Pierre Palmade.

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