Why Covid's Origin was CONCEALED for Three Years | Red White & Blind | Revealing Censorship

1 year ago

Thank you for watching the fully independent Red White & Blind.

The goal is to spell of corporate news media narratives and find the truth behind the disinformation.

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RED WHITE & BLIND is a book and a channel.

The book, just published this year, is a deep dive into the history of fake news, disinformation, and censorship in American media -- and how to navigate the news today. I've packed the book with everything I believe you need to understand the predicament we're in (from Operation Mockingbird to social media censorship) as well as the path to a New Enlightenment.

The channel, launched last year, breaks the spell of narrative management by condensing and reviewing important current news stories from a variety of establishment and anti-establishment sources.

I'm your author and host, Tony Brasunas.


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