RFK, Jr. Hits Trump Over Appointing Pfizer Lobbyists to Run HHS

1 year ago

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in an interview with Jimmy Dore:

"Trump got in there and said I'm going to get rid of the swamp. He asked me to be on a vaccine safety commission. When that news got out, Pfizer gave him $1 million for his inaugural party, and he appointed two of Pfizer's lobbyists, Scott Gottlieb and Alex Azar, to run HHS. They killed the vaccine safety commission, and Gottlieb went on to serve on Pfizer's board.

The thing that I feel like I have, Jimmy, is that I sued those agencies for forty years; I know how they work, I've written books about them, I've studied them, I know the people in them who are causing the problems, I know how to fix them."


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