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Doing Life with Your Adult Kids, Featuring Jim Burns, Part 2

How do we do life with our adult kids? Parenting adult children is radically different than parenting younger children.

Is it possible to do too much for our adult children and end up hurting them and their future?

Are we helping or enabling our adult child?

What if we don’t like our child’s spouse or the spouse’s family?

How should parents respond when they experience rejection from their adult kids?

In this episode, Dr. Rob Rienow continues with part 2 of his interview with Jim Burns (www.homeword.com) about his new book “Doing Life with Your Adult Children.” We love the subtitle of Jim’s book. “Keep your mouth shut and the welcome mat out.”

If you missed part 1 with Jim Burns, catch up here:

Get your copy of Doing Life with Your Adult Children: https://homeword.com/product/dlwac-book

Do you have an adult child who is struggling in their faith? What does it take to reach a prodigal child? Find hope and help in Dr. Rienow’s book, Never Too Late: Encouraging Faith in Your Adult Child: https://visionaryfam.com/parenting/nevertoolate

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