Arizona Rancher Shoots Illegal Alien? Congressman Paul Gosar On LYING MEDIA’s DEBUNKED J6 Narrative!

1 year ago

Americans were promised the tapes so McCarthy should release the tapes
Congressman Paul Gosar is here to talk about the phony J6 narrative.
J6 was a complete set-up from the very beginning and Nancy Pelosi knows exactly what went on that day!
We must bring back the rule of law by taking on the FBI and the CIA.
A 73 year old rancher has been charged with murder for allegedly shooting a Mexican trespassing on his property after illegally crossing the border.
It’s a sham and shows the improper adjudication of the law.
J6, the border, and Covid tyranny display American lawlessness for all to see.
The government is no longer for the people and exists only to sustain itself.
The federal bureaucracy is feeding off the American people.
Congress must take back it’s “power of the purse” and defund the criminal aspects of our government.
Ukraine is nothing more than a money laundering operation.
The Deep State will indict President Trump to get Americans to fight Americans.
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