Episode 14 The magical healing powers of homeopathy

One of the oldest modalities of healing in the world but also one of the least well understood by lay people, homeopathy often works so well it's described as "magical".

Sarah Thompson is a certified homeopath from Maine. We take a deep dive to discuss all things homeopathy.

Here's what we covered in this episode:

* The surprising ailments homeopathy can help heal
* The difference between suppressing a disease state vs. supporting your body's natural ability to heal (and why suppressing it will cause worse problems down the line)
* Why reaching for a homeopathic remedy is better than reaching for an OTC pharmaceutical drug, even for minor issues
* How homeopathy can help you take your and your family's health into your own hands so you don't have to be so reliant on our broken health care system
* How Sarah was able to heal my mom in a matter of days when teams of doctors were unable to help her over the course of 2 months (and, in fact, made things worse)
* How Sarah was able to heal a man who had been suffering from this one condition for nearly 50 years and thought he was beyond help
* The ways in which homeopathy can help heal your pets and save them from the increasingly corrupt veterinary industry (which is suffering from the same pitfalls as the traditional medical industry)
* Why skin issues in both dogs and humans are so difficult to solve
* Isn't this just the placebo effect? (Spoiler alert: NO)
* And much, much more!

You'll want to strap in for this episode as it's gonna smack you in the face with so much knowledge you won't be able to escape it!

By the end of this episode, you'll have a greatly enhanced knowledge of what homeopathy is. Hopefully you'll be encouraged to start your own journey into learning more about this safe, gentle, affordable, and time-tested practice so you can start utilizing it in your own life.

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