Fear no evil—Exposing the climate change cult | Matthew Wielicki

1 year ago

After having been overshadowed by the COVID campaign of terror, and as we become inured to the horrors of the war in Ukraine, the spectre of climate change is again beginning to come to the fore.

With countries like Canada implementing “Just Transition” legislation designed to put the country on a path of “Net-Zero” carbon dioxide emissions, and the United States refusing life-enhancing pipeline projects like Keystone XL, we are witnessing the destruction of Western civilization and capitalism, a degradation of our living standards, and an elimination of our rights.

Climate change is a religion. It comes complete with a god—Gaia, a hell—boiling oceans and stolen childhood dreams, a catechism—the Paris Accord, and priests and priestesses—Al Gore and Greta Thunberg.

As with any religion, there is a litany of sins, some minor such as eating meat, and some mortal such as driving more than 15 minutes from your home. And with every sin, there is an appropriate penance, $40 for a pound of ground chuck and carbon taxes on gasoline.

The religion of climate change is based on faith and fear. We must have faith in the wisdom our priests and priestesses and we must fear the coming Armageddon, the retribution of a vengeful Gaia if their words are not heeded.

Thankfully there are plenty of heretics out there to nail some scientific sense to the door of the church of climate change in protest.

Dr. Matthew Wielicki, assistant professor in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Alabama, arms us with some facts, any one of which would expose the false religion of climate change, but when put together obliterate it and make a laughing stock out of its false prophets.

- CO2 is not a pollutant. It is essential for plant life and more is better.
- We are in the middle of an ice age.
- Ice at the Earth’s poles is not the norm.
- Earth’s changing orbit around the sun is the primary driving force for climate change.
- Man’s contribution to climate change is insignificant.
- One cannot buy one’s way into heaven on Earth by paying a carbon tithe.

And now that we’ve milked the religion metaphor to death and probably offended every Catholic and Protestant reading this let’s watch Dr. Wielicki show us the way, the truth, and the life we should enjoy once we dispel our unfounded fear of climate change.

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