Mapping Out Global Conflicts, Part 4: United States vs Russia, 40 Years of War [ASMR, Full Stream]

1 year ago

Part 1: Tectonics, Earthquakes & Mapping Out Global Conflicts: Geology, Geophysics & Geopolitics

Part 2: Mapping Out Global Conflicts, Part 2: Wars, Supporting Wars & Civil Wars [Full Live Stream, ASMR]

Part 3: Train Derailment in East Palestine, Ohio & more, and Mapping Out Global Conflicts, Part 3 [Full]

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- Introduction
- Snack - Pomegranates, Apples and Sprinkle of Dried Mint (3:57)
- Our Condolences (9:01)
- Some Random Discussion and Questions
– An Exercise Worth Doing To Understand Global Geopolitics and War: Russia vs United States, When Will the Empires Collapse? (11:34-14:47)
- Pending Civil Wars & Unrest, How CBDC Can Enslave Humanity: The Nigeria Model Being Rolled Out in the Collective West, WEF’s Wet Dream (18:02-20:12)
- Canada is actively supporting war, also referred to as supporting death & destruction while laundering money through wall street: world war 3 (20:32-21:19)
- The Eighth Most Populous Country in the World, Bangladesh (26:04-31:25)
- Some Random Discussion and Questions
- Top Soil & Fertilizer, Gardens & Raising Chickens: How We Can Live Sustainable Lives, What Central Power Isn’t Promoting (38:58-40:58)
- Greta Thunberg, a World Economic Forum Clown, WEF Puppet (42:15-43:25)
- Humans Are Not Binary, We Are Not Zeros & Ones, We Are Quantum Beings: Only Yes or No Inquiries Are Loaded Questions, Traps (44:09-45:01)
- Has It Been Worth It for Russia To Wage This War? Sergey Lavrov’s Reply Regarding the Demonization of Russia in the Western World (45:01-52:05)
- South Africa
- Brazil Is Lost
- Norway
- NATO's Color Revolutions: How Stupid of Iran and Russia To Put Their Countries in the Middle of US Military Bases (59:29-1:06:17)
- Finland
- The Game of Diplomacy in Real Life [See Note for Link to the The 2007 World Diplomacy Championship 17 and DipCon 40 Games] (1:06:59-1:08:21)
- More on Finland
- Theory About Zelenskyy, That He Is Actually a Russian Agent Put Into Power To Help Russia Kill Nazis (1:10:37-1:12:14)
- United States Attempted Coup in Turkey That Pushed Erdoğan Closer to Russia: How NATO's Color Revolutions Have Failed (1:12:28-1:15:37)
- Mapping Out Wars That the United States Has Been Involved In in the Last 40 Years vs. Those of Russia (1:16:18-2:06:19)
- Never Forget: United States’ Bill Clinton Bombed & Destroyed a Medicine Factory in Sudan in 1998, Al-Shifa Pharmaceutical Factory (1:27:10-1:29:07)
- Environmental Geophysics Story: Finding Drums Containing Unknown Chemicals in a Decommissioned US Military Base in Yukon (1:30:29-1:33:43)
- Visual of the Conflicts for the Last 40 Years, United States vs Russia: Sphere of Influence vs Existential Threats (1:51:39-1:52:27)
- The Difference Between Russia’s War in Afghanistan and Syria vs That of the United States: Invited vs Being Invaded (1:53:02-1:55:41)
- It Takes Time To Understand War and Geopolitics, Don’t Be a Tool or Cannon Fodder for Imperialism and Centralized Power (1:56:49-1:59:04)
- Crimea & Stalin, Bureaucrats Drawing Lines on a Map: This Is Why We Are Going to War, To Support the Whims of a Mass Murdering Dictator (1:59:22-2:01:15)

VIDEO: Some Advice to Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones: Dealing with Death, Grief (ASMR)

TWITTER: Quote from Russian Foreign Minister LAVROV

PLAYLIST: World Diplomacy Championship 17 and DipCon 40

VIDEO: East Palestine, Ohio Train Derailment: Environment & Water Contamination of Entire Region Explained

ARTICLE: What Cold War? This Cold War: Death Follows McCain to the Ukraine as the Armenia-ultimatum to Screw over Russia Fails Again for the EU and the U.S. (Update 7 on February 2023)

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