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Operation SkyTrap - 2023
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**Shilling, Fedposting and Mole'n 101**

* The 180 - Poster begins leaving comments that
agree with the video but are somewhat
nonsensical. Then, over a short period of time, the
comments become more beligerent and combative.
Eventually snapping and leaving derogatory
comments all over the channel.

* The Time Waster - Sage, meaningless comments.

* The Distractor - Changing the subject by
attempting to inject religion or some other factor.
This normally comes in waves. Then vanishes from
the comments for some months at a time. These
posters usually use the same subject during each
period of comments.

* The Personality Switch - Sudden disappearance of
regular commenters. Only to be replaced by a brand
new group who begin commenting on everything at
once. Old profiles are given up on. And they are
often replaced within a one video period.

* The Lunatic - Insane sounding statements. This is
designed to drive away anyone who may be curious
about the subject.

* The Carousel Conductor - Ask ridiculous
questions that have been answered over and over
on this channel. This creates a never ending loop.

* The Sybyl - "User" always slightly changes their
opinions and angle about this subject. If you examine
all the comments at once, it appears that ten people
are posting from the same account.

* The Walking Contradiction - Constant
contradictions in a poster's comments. As if the
poster forgets what they have said each time they

* The Inquisitve Bot Head - "User" asks endless
questions. Their reponse (if at all) will just be
another question. No real interaction. Just more
questions. This comes off very bot-like due to the
total lack of interaction. Like speaking with Alexa.

* The Fedposter - Fedposting about violence,
uprising or destruction of property. The purpose of
this is obvious. I shouldn't need to explain it.

* The Sabotuer - Attempting to entrap by gaining
medical advice (especially in post 2020 era). Once
called out on this, the poster will sometimes freely
admit that they are hoping to get the channel taken

* The ParaNORMAL - Appealing that I consider the
possibility that this is paranormal related. Or
something else entirely. While ignoring that there is
years and years of study and analysis here. There
are over 300 videos on this channel that all work as
a body of evidence. The poster will swear up and
down that any evidence is paranormal. Which is,
apparently, an accepted delusion from their
perspective. They have been proven to be man-
made signals. Deal with it.

* The Subverter - Attempting to influence anyone
viewing with statements or questions. These
usually consist of outright lies or imbellishments.
This is a common tactic used all over the internet.
This is an attempt to subvert and twist the
information. The poster has to over simplify, twist
and confuse or invent things that were not said in
order to mislead anyone reading. Or skip over a vital
point or piece of evidence.

* The Seeker - "User" makes ridiculous and maniacal
comment. Then asks if anyone else is experiencing
it as well. This is a common tactic used by 4Chan
disruptors and used on other websites out there.

* The Authoritarian Noob - Makes statements or
comments that attempt to correct information in a
video. Taking an authorative position. Then, the
same user asks a question that is of the most
remedial nature on this subject. From "expert" to
"noob" in one comment to the next.

* The Lazy Scumbag - Constant questions about
remedies when this information is covered here.
Either the poster is too lazy to search or wants to
change the subject of the main discussion. This is
simular to thread-jacking.

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