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I just recently watched the Spider-Man movie again where the little racist, shit girlfriend he has declares that Washington Monument was built by slaves and that she would not enter it as a result, to which a black security guard agrees with her in the background. Well, seeing as I chose to read some real books on the issue, it turns out that guilds were far more stringent and strict than they are today and that slaves would not have been allowed to work on a masonry structure, especially when 555 ft tall at the time.

The Walt Disney Corporation wants us to believe that slaves built absolutely everything. Did they forget that Walt Disney built the biggest entertainment company in the world at that point and he was white? His engineers, they were white too; did everybody forget that? Walt Disney World was not built by blacks, so they have shot themselves in the foot by making that stupid woke claim.

In fact, any of you that says America was built by slaves is a racist Pig, get used to it.

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