Google Anti-trust | Wag the Dog e.3

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6 months ago

In this video we discuss the Department of Justice(DOJ) lawsuit against Google for Anti Trust. However, the DOJ's lawsuit seems frivolous given the Security Exchange Commission(SEC) approved Googles acquisition of Double Click in 2007'ish, and now the DOJ wants to unwind this due to a alleged monopoly even though google only has a 25% market share, with competitors from Meta, Amazon, Microsoft ext...

Therefore, I think this lawsuits maybe smoke screen, meaning the because of the anger people have towards Alphabet(Google), Meta(Facebook), Twitter ext for censorship and propaganda along with the FBI and the State Department the government is creating a show trial against Google which they have a high confidence that will fail, in-order to show the people they "Tried" but leave Big tech in tact to continue their propaganda and censorship social engineering programs.

In this video we also discuss Big tech and the Government collusion to suppress wages threw the high-tech anti-trust lawsuit in 2007-2015. We also look at the issues that are actually violating Anti Trust Legislation, such as Section 230, Wage Suppression, Censorship & Propaganda during the pandemic, and presidential elections.

In sum, Big Tech and the Federal Government are Bro's, and will pretend to punish tech, but will continue to build up tech in-order to continue Social Engineering programs to increase their power.

Just say'n.


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