How to Achieve Texture and Spatial Depth with Glazing | Demonstration by Jannik Hösel

8 months ago

Jannik Hösel demonstrates his glazing method with the Rembrandt medium by Osamu Obi while Jan-Ove Tuv observes the process.

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In this video you will learn about:
• Glazing over textured Grisaille with stronger color
• How Hösel's medium amplifies impression of spatial depth
• Following the direction of the material when glazing
• Using a rag to achieve gradations
• Advantage of getting the basic form first
• Varying the glaze locally to get more contrast
• Working into the glaze with fingers for smooth transitions
• Why several glazes requires a lighter underpainting
• How a glaze can amplify texture

Fergus Ryan
Matthias Proy
Børge Moe
Eivind Josten


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