Dr. Pierre Kory: "The data on post-vaxx (turbo) cancer is truly alarming!"

1 year ago

Clinical, observational and epidemiological data are all showing a huge increase in cancers since the vaxx roll-out.

Feedback on post COVID-vaxx cancers from medical professionals:

- Younger and younger patients without risk factors are getting advanced cancers
- There's a deluge of patients causing infusion suites to overflow. Some doctors are trying to create infusion suites in their offices. Also, operating rooms are full.
- Case managers who follow cancer patients used to follow 200-300 patients at a time, but many are now following more than 1000 patients

A possible explanation is that all these people already had minor cancers and that the jab caused VAIDS, which hampered the immune system's ability to destroy tumor cells and is likely to (significantly) shorten their expected remaining lifespan.

Cancers tends to take years to develop. However, that was before the introduction of the never before used, barely tested, VAIDS-inducing gene therapy. Turbo cancers are a new thing since 2021.

Cancers are not necessarily growing faster, but the ability of the immune system of vaxxed (and especially boosted) individuals to fight back seems to have been decimated.


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