Michael Irvin on Super Bowl hotel allegations: 'This sickens me'

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6 months ago

Speaking about charges against him involving an altercation at a hotel on Wednesday morning, Michael Irvin criticized Marriott and those he believes to be "above the law" for denying him the opportunity to respond. Irvin was expelled from the Super Bowl coverage following the incident in February involving a female hotel employee in Arizona. Irvin is still facing a number of unspecified charges as of Wednesday afternoon.

Irvin claimed $100 million in damages in his lawsuit against the Arizona Marriott hotel. The claims that he engaged in any improper physical behavior with the woman have been refuted by him. Irvin addressed the media on Wednesday with the assistance of his attorney Levi McCathern, arguing that the accusations are unfounded and presenting a number of eyewitnesses who saw Irvin that evening.

Irvin asserted, "I know I did nothing improper. "I'm certain that nothing I did was improper. And I was attempting to follow the rules exactly."

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