#347 Greg Murphy of The Builder Project Talks about getting into trades & building sustainably

Join us on The Construction Life Podcast as we speak with Greg Murphy, co-founder of The Builder Project, about how to encourage more kids to pursue a career in trades and the importance of building sustainably. Greg shares his insights on The Builder Project's initiatives to introduce trade skills to school students and the challenges they face in convincing clients to build for the future. We discuss the benefits of buying local, making passive building knowledge accessible, and the importance of big-picture thinking. Additionally, we explore effective ways to reach elected officials on environmental issues. Wrapping up the show, we discuss stress in the trades and strategies for managing it.
To learn more about The Builder Project, visit their website at TheBuilderProject.com, follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram @TheBuilderProject, or email Greg directly at Greg@TheBuilderProject.com.

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