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Freedom Report - It Is ILLEGAL To Be Christian In Calgary?

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Our special guest Dr. Z joins us tonight to discuss why Christians are being persecuted all across Canada. Dr. Z is a Muslim scholar and former Imam who works very closely with Christian groups in Calgary.

Calgary's mayor, Jyoti Gondek fully supports pedophilia and is now banning protesting outside of any drag queen pedophilia hour, forgive me, drag queen storytime.

Drag queens are completely sexual. They are designed to make adults horny so they'll spend more money in the bar where the drag queen is dancing. They should not be around children and they most certainly should not be reading books to children. Parents who bring children to drag queen story time should be jailed but instead, the province of Alberta jails Christian pastors who legally object to this illegal activity.

Canada is no longer Canada. It is now a Marxist and communist shithole run by Nazis that I highly recommend you leave if you can.

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