Exposing Truth Amongst Diversions

1 year ago

Good morning,

The latest diversion is the supposed admission of the virus lab leak. The ‘true source of the virus diversion’ is another exoteric dialectic designed to take our focus off the satanic esoteric dialectic being played out in the spiritual realm.

To connect the dots, Fox News released this story on Sunday:
Fox News is part of the controlled opposition.

If the population buys this false narrative, then we take our eyes off the intentional evil that is behind the esoteric agenda. The lab leak provides an excuse for the entire scamdemic. Once we accept the lab leak cause, we accept the solutions so ‘this never happens again.’ This diversion is a trap by the Cabal to stay in power. The media and Congress are ‘all in’ this narrative. Why? They have submitted to Satanic Cabal agenda. Q: What can we expect from this narrative? A: Investigations and probes to nowhere = more distractions.

What is the truth regarding the source of the virus? Take a look at this reality:

Again, don’t be fooled. Satan wants us to see how evil he is (our own government set us up to be killed), so he can create an inversion and resurrect himself has the savior and put in power the Cabal’s enemy, the Alliance – Satan as the angel of light God warns us about.

The lab leak situation created an opportunity to illustrate this spiritual battle, very simply - the attached diagram shows this illustration in the form of a flowchart. Take some time to digest this.

I urgently am sharing this truth, so those with ears to hear are not fooled:

I encourage you to listen or read the entire paper I published on this agenda:

God is the only source of truth we can count on. He wants us to rely on Him, so we are not led astray.

Thanks for listening and caring.

Grace’s Dad
Scott Schara, President
Our Amazing Grace ™

Download the PDF "The Spiritual Battle Illustrated" here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5zmodrq6e00n4c2/The%20Spiritual%20Battle%20Illustrated.pdf?dl=0

Grace Schara
Scott Schara

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