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Asking Random People in Jerusalem About the Shots (2021)

In April of 2021 I went with a few friends to Givat Shaul, Jerusalem to interview random people about the Amalek shots and related matters. I planned on making a shorter video with excerpts from the interviews, but never got around to it. In light of my recent confrontation with Asher Weiss, I recalled that one of the people we spoke to, an American man who seemed to be extremely educated, said the following when asked if he spoke to any rabbis about the shots (10:18):

"I didn't have to ask. If any of you know Rav Asher Weiss, he came out strongly from the beginning, 'take the vaccine,' and we followed that. That was more than enough."

Whoever this man is, I hope he's okay, along with everyone else in the video who was gung-ho about the shots. They were all friendly, misinformed guinea pigs, and they deserve better leaders.

I wonder what they think now.

Here is the uncut footage, with six man on the street interviews, plus one with me at the end.

0:00 – Israeli man (Hebrew)
7:10 – American man (English)
12:15 – Israeli man (Hebrew)
16:41 – Israeli man (Hebrew)
19:05 – Israeli woman (Hebrew)
22:35 – Two American seminary girls (English)
31:59 - Chananya

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