Thetford Community Stand Against 20 Minute Neighbourhoods #agenda 2030 #together

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17,307 views 1 Mar 2023 THE THOMAS PAINE HOTEL, THETFORD.
On Tuesday 28th February, the public united against the proposed plans of a 20 minute neighbourhood, set out by the Breckland District and Norfolk District Councils. Thetford Town Council also plays a part in this as various councilors sit on the board of the aforementioned. There was so much interest regarding this that the meeting went from taking place at the Kings House to the Thomas Paine Hotel, where the landlord kindly allowed us to utilize their wonderful dining area. There was a great deal of passion contained within that room; and with good reason, if you know anything about agenda 2030 and what it stands for. Even the councilors aren't fully aware of what they're voting in

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Regarding municipal politics and how they have been captured by the globalists...

Please read and pass this on to others!

How municipal politics in your local community has been stolen by a company called Canada. The Newley hired CEO is continuing the globalists United Nations plans to a key!

It's important to get this information into as many mayoral candidates’ hands as possible.

There was a restructuring of "mayors" by the United Nations that started in 1992.... it helps to know how it was done in order to undo it....

On the globalist website are all the founding UN documents are listed under Resources. This is how we learned about the fraud of public/private partnerships & how they got to our town & Mayor.

A brief summary:

CANADA - which we need to comprehend is and never been a country nor have they ever had the authority to govern any of us. Once more grasp the magnitude of this fraud the faster we end it and restore law and order for we the people.

Canada CEO Brian Mulroney at the time signed on to UN Agenda21 in 1992 A total of 178 other CEOs who have unlawfully hijacked these nations and they call themselves the Kings or Rulers of these 178 countries agreed to this international agreement that guaranteed them huge bribes. "big money" to go "green".

Once signed, CANADA Board of directors - Private Membership club most call politicians or Crime Ministers . became a UN Member State (Nation State) & no longer a "sovereign country" under the rule of law & the supremacy of man and woman.

All the nations were unlawfully stolen and the private Membership club of criminals used their illegal activities on uneducated men and woman.

These criminal board members conspired that any of their de-facto countries that signed on to UN Agenda21 ceased to be a "nation" & all their governments were restructured as UN MEMBER STATES. All towns were to be either abandoned or merged with others to form UN CITY STATES.

By 2000, we saw countries being "governed" by directions of the United Nations, G7, G20, Council of Foreign Relations, World Bank, World Economic Forum (WEF), World Health Organization, International Council on Local & Environmental Issues (ICLEI) etc... instead of soverign men and women who are the true owners of the land and their community.

The entire parliamentary system has been a 100 percent fraud.

The Municipal Primer, was sent to all of our local towns in 1994 & it outlined how they were to restructure their governments.

Our public officials/office - which is your elected Mayor & councilors - were "partnered" with a private corporation (CITY) that would "help" the local agenda implement these global goals HERE.

Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) were brought into every town to "work" with the Mayor to implement the global agenda instead of a local one.... to commit local public funds to private sustainable development goals & foreign investors. Under the guise of "saving the planet".

They also brought ICLEI into your town... this is the United Nations... (Cam Guthrie partnered with them & they tell him what to do.)

Government restructuring included rewriting our local laws & this became the Municipal Act, 2001 - which initiated amalgamation, regionalization & incorporation of independent, autonomous local towns into a private 'governing' environment.

The Municipal Act converted the public Mayor (head of local government) to a private Head of Council (for the CITY) which basically makes him answer to a BOARD & controllable. The BOARD determines their own "Code of Conduct".... which means ZERO liability for ALL of this, while the United Nations/ICLEI steal everything.... right in your town.

Which is why we are where we are today.... in a "corporatocracy" - where the corporations/partnerships (The CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF (Your City), International Council on Local & Environmental Issues-ICLEI, non-government "public health agencies etc.) CONTROL EVERYTHING & we no longer have a say.... AND we no longer have a local government protecting us.

The Plan is simply is to UNINCORPORATE the Mayor, councilors & your City from these global partnerships, agreements & UN financial commitments we are not obligated to pay for. This frees up all our local tax base etc. & back under our control.

We intend to restore the "local public administration) which many refer to as government" to independence/autonomy from CITY "MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT". We will establish an independent local financial system (co-op bank?) for property tax etc deposits & immediate payments for local services - outside the control of the corporations.

If this "corporatocracy" is not fixed here at the local level, foreign investors will continue to treat you and your respective town/city and community like customers or collateral & your City WILL BECOME A CITY STATE. They are foreign companies - they don't care, they don't live here like you & i. They can't be negotiated with. The CITY Board of Directors are all invested HEAVILY in the WEF & SDGs.

Your Mayor & councilors MUST be independent from global interests. Their jurisdiction is LOCAL ONLY. Unincorporating is the only solution. I haven't seen a better one & we MUST educate this process to stop this corruption.

You will run in to difficulties as many of these mayors and previous mayors and council members were all involved in this sinister plot. We don't have any more time to waste - the children are all in crisis from this coup d'etat & need immediate help. We can get it to them in less than a month if people understand how to take back their Mayor & their power.

We would be honoured to help us do so.

Please contact me if you have questions, but it helps to know how we undo this if you understand how, it was done....
if they incorporated our "public" into "private", we simply unincorporate them.... 'Mayor Secret meetings' are fraud... a public servant does NOT negotiate behind closed doors with globalists... but he LEGALLY can if he is operating "privately". FRAUD.

If you know a lawyer, send them this. They have been CRIMINALLY silent about ALL OF THIS. I'd like to hear their "explanation".

Thanks & We look forward to meeting you on this project!

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