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3/4/23 SNL- Based Consciousness Awakenings

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A based conscious awakening is happening , due to the evil/ crazy has over played their hand.. The Cat is out of the bag what the Elite Globalist WANT to do, but they're more of us than their are of them..

1. CNN guest Nina Turner SNAPS on-air over Dems Ignoring Americans in East Palestine

2. Man in St. Louis casually loads his gun in broad daylight killing in cold blood homeless man

3. Disney has not race swapped Tinkerbell , she is now a black female.. The Race obsessed shines are CELEBRATING this is a win for the blacks, as they claim white ppl heads are exploding with no evidence of this at all.

4. Tranny Fay Johnston is putting the face of a trans-"woman" on chocolate bar wrappers with "HerShe" highlighted in honor of international women's day. Hershey's is erasing women

5. Gays against groomers spokeperson said Every Teacher who has a LGBTQ PRIDE flag in their classroom should be arrested.
a. We live at a time when paedophilia is celebrated 4 elderly gay men have young boy dressed up as little girl

6. Raising boy as girl, transkids for clicks, likes, and views.. making your child a TRANSGENDER is instant clout for the social media addict to gain popularity & sympathy
a. 9 year old transgender child is told what to say and do, coaching children into changing their gender

7. Zelensky’s message to American’s who do not support continued war in Ukraine- “If you don’t support Ukraine, you will lose your status as world superpower, & he said the US will have to send their sons & daughters to WAR to fight for Ukraine

8. at CPAC DJT- “Our enemies are desperate to stop us because they know we are the only ones that can stop them

9. Trump at CPAC I am the only candidate who can make this promise- I will prevent World War III

10. Trump says he like James O'keefe a lot , he has a lot of courage

11. Pence declines to back Trump in 2024- "We'll have better choices" there are NO better choices .. the Establishment want to take back control of the republican party its not working

12. Change the dates on presidential wall , Trump presidency has no end date

13. Bill Gates said Covid comes from bats says going to keep happening because of climate change

14. two Countries has filed legal proceedings going after Big Pharma over the vaccine/ Scamdemic

15. WHO wants to establish a biotech surveillance state, & NDAA pandemic preparedness act sign over our soventry to WHO

16. The Elite Narcisisis have lost control, they are wild monkeys in the zoo

17. John Young from Apollo 12 was asked to put his hand on the Bible and swear if he was really on the moon
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