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Who Can Build The FASTEST $7500 V8 Muscle Car ~ RACE DAY

The last challenge with @GearsandGasoline was JDM vs Euro. In this episode we see if a 2000 Mustang GT can make POWER. The build budget is $7500 for the fastest AMERICAN V8! Not only will we be building the fastest V8 for a 1/4 drag race, the car will have to compete in an autocross and a RallyCross. Who will build the FASTEST $7500 V8 American Car??? AAP Discount code "humble" #humblemechanic

EPISODE 1 ~ https://youtu.be/qAkOmt7dc6o
EPISODE 2 ~ https://youtu.be/EvujdAEbe2g
EPISODE 3 ~ https://youtu.be/aFxjst5ELfw
Season One JDM vs EURO ~ https://youtu.be/1lCxpneVsbU

Thanks to Advance Auto Parts For sponsoring this series!
0:00 Mustangs are the fastest V8
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