Council Tax Scam & How To Resolve

Webinar with Adrain, Dean & Tina, 2/02/2023 . the process of the Fraud and lies on us all on paying council tax and how to get out of it all.

Please enjoy the video for which there is a Process Map and a set of letters to help you, should you decide that you want to stop paying.

This webinar is to show you ALL the truth of where your council tax money goes & that NOBODY can go to prison for not paying it. Its fear based so you keep up paying for wars..

As far back as 2006, the Guardian printed an article regarding what local authorities spend public money on. That article is attached here in PDF format for you to read and download.

One of the largest payments that are made by the general public is Council Tax.
Is this what you intended your money to go towards?

[Local Authorities investing over £700m in arms trade]. On 5 September 2016, the Independent printed an article [Britain is now the second largest arms dealer in the world]. That article is also here in PDF format to read and download.

Lastly, on 3 April 2018, Public Health England issued a warning in Highways regarding LED street lighting which local authorities frantically installed whilst the public were on “lockdown.” The term “lockdown” is a prison term! That aside, here is the article but this time in JPG (image) form for you to read and download.

If there were ever three very good reasons to stop funding these sorts of activities, here they are.

VAT lookup - search and check VAT numbers (Value Added Tax ID)

My letters/emails to them are in black ink whilst their replies to me are in red. It makes it easier to spot/read.

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