Asher Weiss says he supports forcing injections and refuses to discuss it

1 year ago

In 2020 a concerned citizen managed to have a brief meeting with Asher Weiss. He shared (or at least tried to share) information about how vaccines were being falsely portrayed as far safer than they actually are, and expressed the entirely reasonable view that people should not be forced to take medical treatments under false pretenses or against their will. (I will add that the number of people compensated in court for injuries is surely a far cry from the number of people actually injured. The whole premise of linking "safety" to the number of injured people who go through an obstacle course and manage to win a judgment is absurd — definitely not "scientific".)

Weiss pretended to be interested in the material, but refused to discuss it, and displayed the trademark condescending, authoritarian posture that befits no rabbi, let alone one who claims sovereignty over what drugs go into our bodies.

The visitor asked Weiss point blank if he supports mandating (forcing) people to take vaccines, and Weiss replied in the affirmative, with an empty, virtue-signaling remark about benefiting others to justify this tyrannical, utterly terrifying position.

Of course, any rabbi with a bit of knowledge and the courage to be honest will tell you that the Torah does not give a central authority the power to force anyone to undergo a medical treatment — all of which have potential dangers — to benefit others (assuming such a calculation is even a practical reality, not mere speculation). The Torah allows us, and sometimes obligates us, to undergo medical treatments only to benefit the individual receiving the treatment.

Weiss is such an extremist about vaccines and forcing everyone to take them that he gave his visitor a patronizing blessing: he should be successful in all he does except convincing people not to take vaccines. The short meeting was then shut down.

It should be very clear that Asher Weiss does not serve the Jewish people nor does he represent the Torah. He works for the establishment. His role is not to educate and inform people, to guide the community with integrity and genuine concern, but to charm the sheep into compliance and bully the rest.

The way Asher Weiss carries himself and relates to those who approach him is very dark and disturbing. The fact that he is educated and scholarly does not make him a great rabbi; it makes him especially dangerous.

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