Bob Chiaradio Brings Public Awareness To False Claims Of Racism In Westerly, RI While ARC Brought Candy Apples

1 year ago

Bob Chiaradio is a concerned citizen of Westerly, RI that sees his bucolic town under the attacks of the progressive left.

On February 26th, 2023, he decided to take a direction from a known North American, Billboard Chris who uses turn-of-the-century billboards once seen on sidewalks.

ARC (anti-racist coalition) has made small inroads claiming there’s systemic racism in the town. Bob will not have anything of these false claims. ARC has been setting up in front of the Westerly post office with signs and candied apples for any passerby. The good news is no wandering citizen approached them.

A frequent figure during school committee meetings fighting DEI, CRT and SEL in schools, now there’s another front that needs to be exposed. Please seek Bob on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms and support his efforts before Westerly is lost to ideologues.

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