Court Access and the Common Law Course - Introduction

1 year ago

This is an Introduction to our “Live Court Access and the Common Law Course.” This course will teach you how to enter, control and win in court as plaintiff or defendant. Only part A of the Introduction will be posted on Rumble. The entire course will be about 50-60 hours and available at National Liberty Alliance. If you would like to join this course, go to > and carefully follow the instructions.

This is a live course and will be recorded for full review at any time. For those who are joining the course after the recording you will find that you will receive all the benefits of this course as those who attended it live. If you have any comments, questions, or corrections you can come pose your comments at the end of each class or you can come to our Monday Night “Open Forum” by clicking on our “Monday Night Call” tab on the top left side of our web site >

This course started Saturday 2-25-23 and this is a video copy of the first part of the “Introduction.” The live course starting time will be every Saturday from Noon to 2:30 PM + a Q&A and will run every Saturday until its end, we estimate about 20 weeks. The following is the courses “Table of Contents.”

Introduction – Law & Equity
Chapter 1 – The Essentials
Chapter 2 – Pleadings
Chapter 3 – Cause of Action
Chapter 4 – Defenses
Chapter 5 – Motions
Chapter 6 – Memorandums of Law
Chapter 7 – Court Rules
Chapter 8 – Ready for Trial
Chapter 9 – Appeal/Enforcement/Writs
Chapter 10 – Case Examples
Chapter 11 – NLA & COS

America, being a Common Law Republic our Heritage is in the Law and our Inheritance is Liberty. If we do not know the Law you cannot know Liberty!

The mission and purpose of National Liberty Alliance is to provide an on-line National Venue where the People can organize, communicate, and learn the “science of government by consent!” As the swamp is drained and power removed from the deep-state a vacuum will occur and if We the People do not educate ourselves and fill these positions of power our servants will, and it will only be a matter of time before we find ourselves back under tyranny again. President Trump said; “In America, the people govern, the people rule, and the people are sovereign. I was elected not to take power, but to give power to the American people, where it belongs;”

The problem is that the People purposely were never taught how to have "Government by Consent." For that purpose National Liberty Alliance" was founded because "Only The People can Save America!"

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John Darash,
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