We Have the Receipts on Kari Lakes Judge, RICO Violations and more... #MaRICOpa #AZTruth

9 months ago

This is a whole new level of corruption exposed by attorney John Thaler of Harris Thayer Law Firm, author of The Report to the Governor.

This is a deep dive and exposure of the findings and we name, names. Thomas Galvin, Ben Tomah, Kari' Lakes Judges, Katie Hobbs and more.

What about Ken Bennett? What was that all about? Find out here.

What a story John has on how We got to this point.

You may be surprised where this really started from.

You will have great revelations at the end of this interview.

You will understand much more how much We really know...and so will "they."

This is called lawfare. The peaceful and civil way to fight is through lawfare.

Please share this video. We need everyone to understand how to seek and find evidence of other legal corruption in your state. It's happening everywhere.

Pray for the Judges. Pray for Us All.

Here is a link to a copy of the Harris Thaler Report presented to the Joint Committee.


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