The Pandemic Treaty Is Far Worse Than Even Conservative Media Is Portraying

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Americans are facing a new existential threat on top of all the other massive threats already upon us. Despite my best efforts to highlight "Pandemic Treaty 2.0" for the last seven months, it only started getting attention from louder voices in conservative and alternative media over the last couple of weeks. Now, it's crunch time with the World Health Organization bringing in Joe Biden next week to sign it. What can we do?

Some are saying it won't be binding because it needs Senate ratification. The powers-that-be have a workaround for that. Others are saying that since healthcare falls to the states that we can fight it there. The powers-that-be have a workaround for that. Fighting this abomination will take more than the simple solutions some are offering in their social media hot takes. That's why I'm doing a deep dive today on today's episode of The JD Rucker Show.

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