Lovesick Stalker Chat bots and the Metaphysics of Technology

1 year ago

Is artificial intelligence truly the danger which Hollywood films from 2001: A Space Odyssee, Terminator, Matrix and Elon Musk warn? What are the causes of the dangers of technology in general? Is there a possibility for positive use of automation, 3D Printing, quantum computing and other elements of the thing called "Fourth Industrial Revolution"? Or are all of these technologies intrinsically destructive?

In this edition of Kevin Barrett's Truth Jihad Radio, Matt Ehret was invited to outline a response to the thesis put forward by David Skrbina's 'radical critique of technology'.

To listen to David Skrbina's presentation on Kevin Barrett's radio program (prior to Matthew's segment), click here:

Check out Matt's work on Yuval Harari and the clash of technological paradigms:

See Matt's work on the history of deep green resistance ecoterrorists.

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