Lil Prop - Big Trip

1 year ago

"LilProp-BigTrip" is the music video finale to Brian FitzGerald's documentary about Ultralight Flying titled "UFM2" (Ultralight Flying Millennium 2). "Lil Prop" is designed to take you along with The Sky Surfer on a low level, mythical Kansas Flight Adventure. Shot before the arrival of the "GoPro" type cameras, this is a "single cam shoot". Sequences had to be replicated for each camera placement. Great effort was made to place the camera at positions on the airplane to give you a sense of "being there" with The Sky Surfer. Special credit goes to Cameraman Jeff Johnson who shot most of the "ground to air" sequences. In addition to flying the plane and editing the piece, FitzGerald wrote and performed the music under this video.

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