Dr Aseem Malhotra: From vaccine proponent to crusader for the truth about mRNA shots

1 year ago

After the publication of his peer-reviewed two-part research paper calling for the suspension of all COVID-19 mRNA vaccines in September 2021, Dr Aseem Malhotra became a household name among vaccine sceptics. Malhotra's COVID-19 journey has been particularly transformative. As one of the UK's most eminent cardiologists and a fierce public health advocate, he was among the first to get the double-dose Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA vaccine in January 2021 – not thinking or even comprehending the possibility of a vaccine doing any harm. The premature death of his father in July 2021, six months after he had received the second Pfizer shot, was the catalyst which precipitated Malhotra's examination of the mRNA vaccines and subsequent exposure of unprecedented and horrific harm. In anticipation of his keynote address at the upcoming BizNews Conference, Malhotra sat down with BizNews in Cape Town to discuss his findings and insight into Big Pharma, public health and his campaign to cure the pandemic of misinformation.

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